happy birthday george

today is george harrison's birthday...another brilliant artist gone too soon.  george is and will always be my favorite beatle :) i hope he's resting peacefully while we all still live through his message and music.

thank you, george...i got my mind set on you

(photo 1, 2, 3, 4)


rainy day music

it's bleak and rainy outside...but i must confess that i do enjoy a rainy day (though i wish i could be at home cuddling on the couch to enjoy it ;)).  there are just some songs that are best listened to on rainy days...here are some of mine:
 what about you? what kind of music do you listen to on a rainy day? 



it's a sign.

just a little tuesday morning funny for you.  taken in front of saint ann restaurant & bar.

hope you all had a great weekend! i had off yesterday for president's day so i'm feeling relaxed, refreshed and a little accomplished today after a nice, long weekend!


friday i'm in love

clever tee from threadless illustrating the cure's epic love song (or epic to me...i love that song). hope you are having a love-filled friday!! have a super fabulous weekend, dears :) xoxo



just a little napping dog cuteness for your day :) xoxo


truthful tuesday - brighter than the moon

well it's been quite a while since i've done a truthful tuesday so i'm a bit nervous to confess that...i have been listening to katy perry. her newest album makes me feel like a giddy little teenage girl filled with hope. i like it so much, in fact, that i'm going to buy it today. now, i don't know if you've gotten the gist of what my musical taste is, but this is not it. but every time i hear her song teenage dream i just start dancing and singing along like my 15 year-old self would. what can i say? i'm a sucker for some cheese and positivity. and even if you don't like the girl, you've got to hand it to her for this video, truly uplifting and inspiring. so, enjoy...and judge away, i don't mind ;)



happy valentine's day to all the lovers out there :) 

cute little vintage valentine card found here.


a little road trip

well folks, i'm venturing off to katy this weekend to visit with my family (specifically my beautiful nieces!!) and bowie and roxy are coming along for the ride. roxy, as you know, is a champion road-tripper...however, bowie, it seems, is not much for the car rides. i'm a little nervous having them both but hopefully with a little luck and some good tunes we will prevail and have a successful trip!

what are you up to this weekend?! whatever it is, i hope it's FUN!!

xoxo (photo)


bringing love back

with the lovey-doviest of holidays approaching, you can't help but see everything in reds, pinks, hearts and flowers...not that i'm complaining, i'm a sucker for all of it! but this especially caught my eye immediately and i had to share.

how sweet is this dress?! totally swoon-worthy...and this could easily be a romantic date dress (say, for valentine's day, perhaps?). bonus? it has pockets! (found here)


favorite super bowl commercial

there were some good, some bad, and some straight ugly.  while i think everyone loved "the force" commercial (so, SO cute!) my favorite was the beetle one!! i thought it was clever, cute and unexpected. what was your favorite?

...and a real snow day

another storm blew through last thursday night that called for "a dusting up to 1" of snow" and holy moly i wonder what measuring tools they're using!

all in all we got about 5" of pretty, fluffy snow...on top of sheets of ice so it was fun but a bit yikes if you know what i mean! by saturday night the snow had melted substantially and by sunday it was pretty much all gone (from our area, anyway). we watched the big game with some friends and enjoyed the last day of what seemed like an extra long weekend after all those days off!

did you all have a good weekend?? are you freezing still wherever you are?!

oh and ps. what's with all the violence and throwing stuff at people in all the super bowl commercials?! i swear there had to be at least 5 commercials with people throwing stuff at each other!


cabin-fever cooking

i don't know about you, but all i can think to do (after the cleaning, reading, napping and relaxing is done) when i'm stuck at home is cook. i've been cooking up a storm and really wish i had more people in our house to share this stuff with!!

here are the best of the best from the past few days:

strawberry, chocolate chip, and strawberry chocolate chip pancakes (yes, 3 different kinds)

huge pot of turkey chili to make delicious frito-chili pie

and because that's just not enough...

chocolate cake with homemade buttercream icing.

now someone come help me eat this!!


sweater day

well it's technically another "snow day" here in dallas, but really it's an "ice day," so in our house that means sweater day :)

we have been off work/school since tuesday when the weather was blowing in and it's passed now but we are left with highs barely reaching 20 today and streets covered in sheets of ice, so we're off again today.  and in case you didn't know, the super bowl is in town this week so it's already mayhem and the weather is just adding to all the craziness.

i hope wherever you all are you are warm and safe and cozy :)

oh! and thank you thank you all for your sweet comments about bowie.  we are truly blessed and fortunate to have our little miracle dog and his loving big sis!!