happy halloween

hope you're having a spooky day ;)


the wild bunch

well we are back and had a most wonderful time in gatlinburg with our little family of friends! i have lots of pics to share but haven't gotten around to downloading, editing, etc...so i'm just going to give you this little gem:

oh yes. we totally did that. we thought it was very fitting for gatlinburg, so naturally we couldn't resist. if you're thinking we look a bit mad, the guy was telling us to look mean and since we were laughing so much, we had to try harder to look mean and i think we succeeded...especially stephen! look at that snarl!

well i'll have some pics of the lovely bride and groom soon, and of course the amazing fall foliage that the smoky mountains are known for.

hope you all are having a good week!



we're in beautiful gatlinburg, tn for a wedding and i'm missin our lil rox...so i thought i'd post this pic of her sweet face. i hope you all are having a lovely weekend :) xoxo



me with peepaw, i've already got the michael keaton eyebrow thing down...

clearly i have never had a problem expressing myself!

and really, who's surprised?!

welp, it's my birthday...i'm the ripe ol' age of 28 today! i get to celebrate with friends this weekend when we head to gatlinburg for our close friends wedding. this month has been so crazy, i'm so excited to get away from the hectic-ness for a few days and enjoy a little mini-vacay :)

hope you all have a fabulous day...i may need some help blowing out all my candles later! ha!



here are our little pumpkins (now, i say punkins. while i think of myself as a decent communicator and speaker, there are just some things i won't change!) i was trying to pose roxy and i think she was a little afraid of them! ha!

do you guys have any pumpkins at your house? do you plan on carving?? i hope to carve into this one next week...i'm not very good at it but i love doing it anyway :)


sushi psycho

well it sounded funny to me last night anyway...stephen and i enjoyed a nice little date night at home, complete with alfred hitchcock's psycho and some sushi from one of my local favorites, oishii.

i was kinda bummed that i wouldn't be getting to attend any of the hitchcocktober flicks since my month has gotten out of hand busy, so we took it to our place instead :)

did you all have a great weekend? anything super exciting happen??


i was up above it, now i'm down in it

once upon a time i said "let's go conquer the week." and now the week is conquering me.

just wanted to check in and say hi :)  hope you guys are having a good week!

i think i'm in need of some positive motivation.



trampolines and videogames

well the bad news is, i forgot the film for my camera so there are no rad film photos as promised...sorry guys. however, i came across two fantabulous videos from two of the most amazing performances of the day (on friday).

here are phish on trampolines during "you enjoy myself"

and here are the strokes with their rad old-school video game background during "someday"

so there it is, two of the many highlights to the acl experience. this was my first time to this particular festival and i noticed two things: flags were abundant - i've seen this plenty at other fests but not nearly as prominent as it was here; and CHAIRS everywhere...people roping off entire sections of lawn chairs and everything, it took it to another level right past comfort and into highly annoying. i mean seriously, who sits all day at a festival?! maybe it's just me but festies are meant for roaming and dancing and enjoying every minute. oh well, more room to roam for me :)

hope you all had a fabulous weekend! let's conquer the week, ok?


take it to the limit

well friends, we're heading out on a new adventure today, to austin city limits! we'll be attending the festival tomorrow to catch acts like the black keys, beach house, the strokes and phish. i hope to also catch some new acts we've never heard/seen before, as well as take in the sights and sounds that make music festivals one of my favorite pastimes.  

i'm bringing my film camera so i hope to bring back some memories for you to peruse, hopefully some as good the ones from our wakarusa adventure :)

so, i'll report back in full next week.  in the meantime, i hope you have a fabulous weekend!!



oh, fun fact: the title is of course from the eagles hit song...they'll be playing at ACL as well, however they're playing on sunday so we won't get to take part in that.



it is well known that october is my favorite month out of the year...and while my schedule is SO hectic this year, i still hope to take some time and enjoy the october-ish festivities.  like hitchcocktober!

mockingbird station hosts an outdoor movie every thursday in october to celebrate the work of the late, great, master of suspense. i hope to catch either rear window or strangers on a train (one of my favorites).  do you like hitchcock movies?? what's your fave?


falling in/falling out

in the middle of the night i couldn't sleep. our ceiling fan was making horrendous noises so i had to turn it off, but it was a bit to stuffy to not have any air flowing so i opened up the window next to my bed. this morning the crisp, fall air greeted my face and i woke up refreshed. i also woke up singing which stephen always enjoys ... well probably not so much. but then we got in the car to go to work/school and he played farmhouse, which he knows i can't not sing along to, so this leads me to believe that it's not SO bad :)

so here we are, it's october. my favorite month of the year! i have been a little absent because this is also an incredibly busy time for me, both personally and at work. so i fear that i will probably leave you guys hanging a bit while the whirlwind that is october takes over my life. i still have many things to share and some film to develop from recent adventures. hopefully in my downtime (ha!) i will be able to get some of that done...and of course come by your blogs as well!!

hope you all have a super weekend...i'm going to watch my alma mater beat up on some longhorns tomorrow.

happy weekend and boomer sooner!