the wild bunch

well we are back and had a most wonderful time in gatlinburg with our little family of friends! i have lots of pics to share but haven't gotten around to downloading, editing, etc...so i'm just going to give you this little gem:

oh yes. we totally did that. we thought it was very fitting for gatlinburg, so naturally we couldn't resist. if you're thinking we look a bit mad, the guy was telling us to look mean and since we were laughing so much, we had to try harder to look mean and i think we succeeded...especially stephen! look at that snarl!

well i'll have some pics of the lovely bride and groom soon, and of course the amazing fall foliage that the smoky mountains are known for.

hope you all are having a good week!


Flourishing Networks said...

Love the photo western look very in!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ha! Last time I did one of those, I was in middle school. How funny, I wonder if I've still got the print?
And happy belated birthday, I'm sorry I was out of town and missed the proper chance to say it!