i am thankful

so very thankful for all the love in my life. my family, friends, work...everything.

especially these two

they light up my whole world.

happy thanksgiving :)




we are hitting the road this morning, heading to tulsa for family time and thanksgiving! stephen and i made a delicious white chocolate pumpkin cheesecake last night.

first layer, just cheesecake topped with white chocolate chips

then the rest of the cheesecake batter mixed with the pumpkin mix

and top it off with more white chocolate chips

and voila!

ready to bake, set, devour. i'll give you a full report on whether or not it was delish.  hopefully it will live up to the hype!

we will also be making our new favorite broccoli gruyere gratin (using this recipe, so delicious!).

what are you making for thanksgiving??


family time

on sunday, we took a nice little walk around the neighborhood, went to grab some fresh groceries and made a most delicious breakfast (for which roxy endlessly begged...and eventually succeeded). 

we stopped to smell the roses

listened for squirrels

took in the fresh fall air and beautiful sites

and laughed. we do that a lot.

it was a most beautiful day.


holiday goodness

can you believe the holidays are literally around the corner?! this is definitely my most beloved time of year (really anytime between october and february...love it).  there are a few things that really get me in the holiday spirit:
  1. baking - i love to cook & bake anyway, but there's just something about baking when it's chilly outside (i say chilly cause lord knows what we have in texas can't really be considered cold...ha!)
  2. lights - at shopping centers, in neighborhoods, anywhere. there's just something so romantic about those little twinkle lights.
  3. holiday outfits - for christmas parties, dinner parties, even thanksgiving stretchy pants. i love it all!
  4. decorating - stephen probably is less enthusiastic about it than me, but i just can't help myself
  5. christmas music. (and yes, i've already started listening to it)
  6. roxy in sweaters - she actually likes wearing them because her little body gets so cold! we have a few really cute ones, and a couple of new ones...will show you those soon :)
i stumbled across some cute holiday items while "window shopping" online

mistletoe & bow hairclips from kate spade and mrs. klaus sweater from urban outfitters. how cute are these?!

oh i just love the stuff they come up with for the holidays.  what gets you in the spirit??



when i see this picture of rox, i hear the superman theme in my head.

she is quite the super dog.  this pic is from her old favorite walk at the historic cemetery in downtown dallas. she looooved chasing those squirrels in there. hope you have an enjoyable day!


oh happy day

i'm wishing the happiest of happy birthdays to my wonderful husband today.

he makes me the luckiest girl in the world.

love you baby. it's gonna be a great year!



drop something

so november is (already) here...oh wait, i mean it's already the middle of november! where does the time go?  at any rate, this means lots of holiday cooking and baking for us, and lots of this scene from roxy:

patiently awaiting for us to drop any little morsel on that floor. and lots of us tripping over her in our tiny kitchen. this weekend i'll be baking the first of hopefully many delicious desserts for thanksgiving and christmas! hope you enjoy your weekend.