river long, rock strong, true now still

5 years ago today...

happy anniversary to my amazing husband. here's to the next 5 years :)

title from ryan adams' "my love for you is real"


picnic in the park

first of all, the good news is that i got my camera to cooperate, the bad news is that my zoom is completely broken. i don't know how that happened! oh well, life goes on. i did snap some pictures from our little picnic last weekend.  it was so nice until it eventually got too hot to be outside, even in the shade. oh texas, you slay me sometimes. so here are a few pics from our little adventure :)


who needs some roxy love?

i know i do!

struggling trying to keep up this week! i have pictures from adventures but my camera is being a jerkface right now so i'll figure it out tonight...hopefully :)

in the meantime, watch this uber-cute "summer day" video by jeana! she is so creative.

hope y'all are having a good week



day for our dads

dear dad,

thank you for the blue eyes, the crooked toes, my absolute hardheadedness, and love of good music. so much more, but these are the best.

i love you dad.


(pictures above: 1. my dad with my big sis 2. my crooked toes 3. our father of the bride dance 3. at mom's birthday last year)

i hope you're celebrating the dad in your life today!


date knight

can you guess what we did last night?! stephen surprised me and took me to midieval times!! we had tickets i won in a silent auction about a year ago and i'd kind of forgotten, so stephen noticed they were about to expire and made reservations :) we had SO much fun!! we were on the yellow knight's team (see him below? he was also the most handsome knight, i must say). he didn't win, but i did get a flower from him!

after our midieval experience, we wandered over to the design district and saw a neat little restaurant called the meddlesome moth. we hopped in to have a drink and were very pleasantly surprised! they had a beautiful wall of taps (literally, beautifully designed, see the pic below) and from looking at their menu, great food! i can't wait to go back and try it out for lunch or dinner.

so that was our little date! here are some photos from the adventure:

see the taps? the wall behind it is covered with neatly placed quarters. i thought that was a really clever design idea!

hope you all have a lovely weekend!



wakarusa in film

there were so many great moments while we were at wakarusa; both musically and environmentally. here are a few of my favorite images i captured on film:

al al ingram of yo mama's big fat booty band - easily one of the best performances of the weekend

a kid shredding on his flying v in the campground

my friend dug with his awesome hat and my "festival fan" (seriously, it's the best kind of fan for concerts/festies)

and finally, my absolute favorite show of the weekend, the black keys

and there you have it, our little festival experience. there were so many amazing performances and such an invigorating vibe. albeit a bit smaller than the fests i'm used to, i think that's why it might have been a little less chaotic.

so do you enjoy music festivals? i would love to hear about your favorite one!


snuggle muffin & weekend fun

this was my relaxing friday night...i caught up on email and reading blogs and my little cuddle bug was right there with me, just snuggling away :) i was also glued to my TV since i just added HBO on friday...and yes i did it so i could watch true blood this summer.

saturday i visited the dallas flea which was really a lot less of a "flea market" and more of an artist and specialty vendor sale. i did find a super cute vintage gold necklace i will have to show you later. sunday was wonderful since stephen was off work; we ventured over to the rusty taco (my new favorite taco place) and then to pinkberry, my first time at the one here in dallas. last night we went to a couples' shower for our friends mark and kylee - it was at the beautiful primos on the lake, complete with yummy frozen margaritas. i was so exhausted after all that, i was in bed by 9:30!

so friends, how was your weekend?

ps. i do have lots to tell you about our wonderful wakarusa trip and i am picking up my film today and should have photos to share with you soon!



hey everyone! we're finally back from an awesome and tiring vacation - i'm trying to catch up so i can let you know about all the exciting fun we had!

in the mean time, how have you been doing? did i miss anything??


(photo from oliver daily)



well i'm leaving tomorrow morning for the wakarusa music festival.  it will be a nice little vacay with friends, fun and lots of music! we're so excited.  now, i need to go finish packing and get little miss rox to her sitter.  have a fun week & weekend and i will see you all next week!