i love this. it's from one of my favorite places on earth, my amazing yoga studio.  after having a super fun practice yesterday, i remembered to take a pic of this little reminder on the door when you come in. no matter what kind of day i'm having, i always leave there feeling strong, joyful and replenished. 

what replenishes you? where is your little slice of heaven??


epic girls night

one of my dearest friends is moving away very soon, so our little group of girls decided to have one last hurrah on saturday...it was a girls' night of epic proportions. we had all of ginger's favorite dallas-local foods, made girly drinks like bellinis and frozen hurricanes, watched the shining and princess bride, made brownie fudge sundaes and even broke out the limbo stick at some point...it was definitely the girls night to end all girls nights, complete with sleepover and followed by hangover :)

gingy, we will miss you so, but our memories could last us a lifetime...and denver is just a phone call away!

so, what would be your best girls night??



stephen's little brothers, twins doug & nick, are the big 2-1 today! they are coming in town this weekend to celebrate, along with the entire norsworthy clan, so it should be quite the event with everyone here! happy birthday to my little brothers-in-law :) love you guys

(along with being awesome little bro's and generally fun guys, they are amazing runners and this pic above was from their run for st. patrick's day last year, how cute!)



my heart goes out to all of the people in joplin. this slideshow was sobering to say the least...having lived so close to here for many years, it's shocking to hear the news and see the pictures. if you are able, here are some ways to help those affected by the storms.

stay strong.

(photos from yahoo news, via ap)


royal hippie wedding of the century

well it was more beautiful, fun and amazing than anyone could have imagined. i mean, we knew it would be fun...but there is something to be said about the bride and groom dancing the night away and playing on inflatable slides till the wee hours of the morning! live bands, taco trucks, l.e.d. hula hoops and flower girls in tutus, what more could you ever want?!

these are just a few shots from abi i snagged from her facebook page (be sure to "like" her and you can see more!). she is such a wonderful photographer and friend, such a joy to be around :)

my heart is overflowing with love and joy for fuzz and melissa, what a gorgeous, loving, & fun couple!! we love you so much!! xoxoxo

(melissa's beautiful gown is lian carlo for stanley korshak and the bridesmaids dresses are from modcloth)



sweet friends, we are leaving town today to travel to tulsa for our dear friends' melissa and kevin's wedding. stephen and i are both part of the wedding party so we are super excited to be part of what i'm sure will be an epic wedding day. melissa and kevin are the type of couple that when you're around them, their love is palpable but not in the "oh my goodness you're making me nauseated" kind of way. it's inspiring.

we have been friends with kevin for many years, and he was even our wedding photographer nearly 6 years ago :)  to see his love for melissa grow over these past few years has been quite heartwarming. and to get to know and become great friends with melissa, has been a true blessing in my life.

we wish them strength and happiness in their new endeavor as an incredible married couple!

i can't wait to tell you about all the fun festivities...let me just say that i know a jupiter jump will be involved...

hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! xoxo

(photos by the lovely abi)


missing bowie

as you know, bowie is staying with friends while roxy is on the mend.  we have really been missing our special, scruffy boy. but good news! we'll be traveling on thursday and are taking both of our doggies with us!! i can't wait to have them both on this little adventure.

no worries though, bowie seems to be having a grand time at his foster home :)


feel the burn

gone too soon, yet again...the weekend was quite fun. saturday was my little brother's birthday (he's 20...20!! gosh i'm getting old...) it's hard to be apart from family during big birthdays and holidays, but somehow we get through, right?! i celebrated his birthday by laying out at the pool too long and getting a vicious sunburn.

sunday stephen gave me some beautiful flowers from roxy & bowie and stuffed me with delicious breakfast tacos. after making our calls to mom, we went out to rangers ballpark to see them play the yankees...they lost but it was still a lot of fun! when i got home, i discovered that even though i put on 60+ spf sunscreen on all my exposed parts (day late, dollar short, i know) i had a bonus sunburn that occurred through my tshirt on my back. wow!! didn't see that one coming...

so the moral to this story is, put sunscreen, all over, no matter what.

how was your weekend??


frozen friday

truth be told, i might have had one too many frozen margaritas in celebration of cinco de mayo yesterday! oh well, all in good fun :) it was really nice though to hang out at home and drink delicious margs with stephen! hope you have a fabulous friday and great weekend!

how do you take your 'ritas?!


the original hipsters

hello lovely friends!! first of all, i want to thank you so much for your kind words & patients...it has been rough but may is already looking up so how about some positivity?! roxy got her sutures out this morning and other things seem to be aligning well in our lives...

ok, so have you seen this tumbler "dads are the original hipsters"? it is HILARIOUS, so true and awesome. if you need a little something to help you smile, head on over and sift through the pages.  be sure to read the commentary, as that is the most important part.

hope you all are having a lovely week thus far! oh and it's may 4th....so may the fourth be with you :)