epic girls night

one of my dearest friends is moving away very soon, so our little group of girls decided to have one last hurrah on saturday...it was a girls' night of epic proportions. we had all of ginger's favorite dallas-local foods, made girly drinks like bellinis and frozen hurricanes, watched the shining and princess bride, made brownie fudge sundaes and even broke out the limbo stick at some point...it was definitely the girls night to end all girls nights, complete with sleepover and followed by hangover :)

gingy, we will miss you so, but our memories could last us a lifetime...and denver is just a phone call away!

so, what would be your best girls night??


ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Awwww I am in need of a little get together with my besties too. What an awesome time you guys had, but how sad that one of the besties is moving away.

Mo Pie, Please said...

This is awesome! I want to have a girls night like this before I move away next month!