a union reunion

so dear friends this is the weekend, it's my 10 year high school reunion (sigh). seems like just yesterday we were sneaking out of our parents' houses, dreading (and skipping) class and thinking that prom and graduation were the biggest, best times of our lives.

we decided not to do the full-on reunion, and instead our old "crew" is having a big pool party tomorrow! i'm excited to catch up with friends i haven't seen in ages and seeing what awesome grown-ups everyone has become. i look back on high school and see how much that time influenced my life to date - i'm definitely a far cry from the girl i was then...no regrets, but maybe some stuff i just care not to remember! ha! what was your life like in high school? do you think it influenced your life today very much?

so we're hitting the road this morning, tulsa bound, for the union high school class of 2000 reunion. should be a hoot! i'll keep you posted.  for now, i'll leave you with this little gem my friend daphne recently posted on facebook (she's on the far right):

this is from when our volleyball team did the ropes course at school - that's me in the red :) with my bff jenn right in front of me...it's funny, we're completely different people today, but have always been best friends, i love how that hasn't changed.

you guys have a super weekend!!



craving fall

i'm over the heat, the humidity, and my summer wardrobe. ready for crisp, cool weather, sundays watching my boys, turning leaves and fall clothes.

not usually a weather complainer, but boy am i ready for fall! ok back to real life for now, i'll dream of falling leaves later...

ps. this post didn't help :)

(photo of my sidewalk in the fall last year)


the feast

so there it is, in all the feasting glory. we steamed as many crab legs as we could fit into our pot, and boiled some corn and purple peruvian potatoes separately in some "slap yo mama" seafood boil. we put paper bags on the coffee table, settled in for the new true blood episode, and went to town! i believe there were 2 measly potatoes left over when all was said and done.

but of course our little rox was hoping for more :)

so there it was, the feast that made me full right on into the morning and pretty much until dinner!


so full

ever had one of those mornings where you woke up still stuffed from your feast the evening before?? well that's me today. i'll tell you all about it tomorrow when i have some photo proof :)

in the mean time, let's look ahead. it should be a great week!


refreshing weekend

lovely ladies (and gents, if you're reading!) what are you up to this weekend? i am planning on utter relaxation. i'm seeing a couch, wine, and cuddles with roxy in my future...we have a lot of adventures coming up soon so i'm hoping to just take it easy this weekend and maybe catch up on some reading (and laundry...bleh).

so tell me, what do you have in store?? hopefully it will involve fun and maybe some ice cream so you can stay cool in this summer heat!


(photo by me on the ae1)


oooh that smell!

i was going to make this my "truthful tuesday" post but obviously didn't get around to it yesterday. here it is, truthful tuesday on a wednesday.

as i told you briefly before, stephen built a new closet for me for our anniversary. we live in an old, old apartment and to say the closets are less than stellar would be a grand understatement. so when stephen ripped out my old closet and replaced it with a new, beautiful, functional closet, i was beyond happy. lately, when i am getting ready or just get out of the shower, i find myself lingering in the closet.  yesterday, i got home from the gym, cleaned up and went to my closet. i pulled out my little step-stool and sat right there in it, underneath all the clothes and next to all the shoes. now this isn't a lot of sitting space, but i just can't get over the smell. that smell of freshly cut wood, it's so calming to me. i love when i open the closet door and a whiff of that woody smell comes out.

this isn't the first time i've noticed how much i love that smell; last summer stephen built a staircase in our dining room for my uncle's dock, and even days after he picked it up you could still smell that wood. when we were first married, stephen worked construction and i really liked when he came home all sweaty and smelling like wood, maybe it's that memory that makes me love it even more. in short, i love being married to a carpenter - there is never a shortage of that freshly-cut wood smell! not to mention i love the idea of him being able to build me pretty much anything my little heart desires.

so, any quirky smells you love? maybe ones that provoke certain memories? i would love to hear :)

(image 1, 2)


fuzzy friday

oh man is it friday already?! i had such a busy week i've been neglecting my blog (sorry!). i did want to say thanks for all the tips & notes on my diana post...i hope i'm doing better but we'll see when the photos are printed.

so lovelies, what are you up to this weekend? i have brunch with an old friend tomorrow then an exciting girls night planned. i hope to go catch a movie with stephen on sunday but who knows, we may end up just being couch potatoes! i do want to go see despicable me or cyrus (ha! very, very different movies there...).

you all have an exciting weekend!


(photo by stephen on the AE1, i kinda like the out of focus thing going on)



remember, some time ago, i told you about my diana f+ camera and film? well the reason you never saw it on here is because they truly did not turn out well...i was so sad and kind of just put the camera away for awhile. well i picked it back up again, read the instructions...again (ok maybe i didn't read the whole manual last time), learned how to work the attachable flash and am now motivated and inspired to take some good pictures and master this camera!

hopefully i can get some gems like this one i found on the diana lomography site. so do any of you use a lomo camera? ever had issues the first few times? i'm hoping that it isn't just me :)


just remember to fall in love

a little friday music for your eyes and ears - the chemical brothers new single, swoon, is amazing and their video is just lovely and very reminiscent of their live show graphics. love it and hope you do as well!

also, here are some of my favorite things i've seen this week on the web:

a hilarious website to send your notes of annoyance to

alice is making me want to live in portland

the cutest baby bathtime pics (with an adorable duck towel!)

beautiful wedding posts over on unruly things this week

uber-cute little letters from dawn's new etsy shop!

clever & cute letterpress necklaces (via a cup of jo)

hope you have a super weekend!!



up and away!

as you may know, stephen and i celebrated our anniversary a couple of weeks ago. the traditional gift for 5 years is wood, and stephen went above and beyond by building a new closet for me! as if that wasn't enough, he presented me with two of the sweetest gifts EVER:

this beautiful necklace from oh, hello friend

and he had this amazing cake made by one of our friends:

you might ask...why are these gifts so special?  well, nearly 6 years ago, stephen proposed to me in a hot air balloon. it was a wonderful, magical moment and it was just plain delightful that he commemorated it for our anniversary! i am truly a lucky, lucky girl.


sad eyes

just a little film+roxy love on this tuesday morning...i was off yesterday so today is like a monday and i'm a bit catching up still. hope you had a lovely long weekend and let's catch up in a bit ;)


independence day!

what are you all doing to celebrate this independence day? stephen's family is coming in town and we're going to run around the city and go to a ball game tomorrow night (america's favorite pastime, right?) and hopefully catch some fireworks. as you may know, i'm a sucker for fireworks...especially sparklers! so whether you're enjoying the boat times, pool time, family time or relaxing on the couch time, i hope you have a splendid and safe holiday weekend.


(photo 1, 2)


play date with bailey

hi there friends :) it's been such a busy week i haven't got to catch up on our fun filled weekend! we had such a lovely time celebrating our anniversary with friends (thank you so much for all your sweet comments!). i have some great pictures to share but haven't got around to sorting and editing.
in lieu of lake funtimes photos, i have some recently-developed pictures of our little roxy and her friend bailey from tulsa. bailey is a pug/terrier mix and is just too cute. see evidence below:

now how cute are they?! bailey lives in tulsa so they don't get to play all the time but i do believe they are long-distance bffs.

hope you all are having a fabulous week. let's talk soon, ok?


(all photos taken with my canon ae-1)