the feast

so there it is, in all the feasting glory. we steamed as many crab legs as we could fit into our pot, and boiled some corn and purple peruvian potatoes separately in some "slap yo mama" seafood boil. we put paper bags on the coffee table, settled in for the new true blood episode, and went to town! i believe there were 2 measly potatoes left over when all was said and done.

but of course our little rox was hoping for more :)

so there it was, the feast that made me full right on into the morning and pretty much until dinner!


~abi~ said...

yum, yum, yum, YUM!!!!! :)

this free bird said...

This looks incredible!! Roxy is a smart, smart dog!!


Maggie May said...

that last pic is so cute!

Anonymous said...

agreed with Abi. no words.
except: i've just realized i haven't had crab in years, ohmygod.

Anonymous said...

Ahh ha so you eat corn on the cob! I recently asked on my blog if people eat that in public... I don't because I hate getting the corn stuck between my teeth!