let it ride

"27 years and nothing but failures and promises that i couldn't keep." - ryan adams

i'm having a run of these days. not liking it...but the sunshine lifts my spirits most of the time.



scenes from a spring walk

the skies were so blue yesterday! all of the colors are really popping right now with all of the flowers and all things spring. it was a lovely walk on a lovely day...and of course i had to include the flamingos, too funny.

have a bright and beautiful day!

ps. i did go take my diana pics to get developed, but apparently since they are in black and white they have to send them off and it takes 10 days!! TEN! wow. so i'll get back to you on those :)


morning, sunshine!

just a little roxy lovin' on this monday morning. hope you all have a fabulous day...we have lots to catch up on :)


strange birds

a funny little site from our trip to tulsa. this beauty was in someone's front yard and i just had to capture it. look how long their legs are!

so what are you up to this weekend? i'm going to relax; it's been quite the week. you know, the week right after you get back from vacation? yep, that's the one. but i also have to go run errands tomorrow that i've been putting off for weeks...including developing film from my diana! maybe i'll catch a movie...want to know a secret? i kind of really want to see hot tub time machine. shhhhhh.

hope your weekend is beyond lovely :)



in bloom

this little beauty has opened up right outside our door...stephen and i planted a row on each side of the walkway and this is the only one that's showed up to the party so far! the others are coming slowly but surely...i think they were smart and waited until after the snow to come out of the ground.

hope you're having a lovely day :)

ps. i love to give personalities to random things...especially plants & flowers.


truthful tuesday - when i grow up

hello friends! as of late, i have been thinking about what i want to "be" ... mind you, i am in my late twenties with a blossoming career in a field i love -  i work in marketing & communications for a non-profit and could not be more grateful for the amazing opportunity to have a job that is so fulfilling, professionally and personally. however, i can't help but feel that there is something missing. one day i want to go to grad school and pursue a career in public policy, another i'm ready to be back in the fast-paced world of advertising (like, for a minute, and then it's gone), and the next i want to open my own bakery. some of these dreams i've researched thoroughly as if i'm going to up and do it tomorrow, but i always come back to "is this what i want to be when i 'grow up'?"

so tell me, what do you want to be when you grow up? are you already there? do you ever feel that aching need for change? i'd love to know.


(photo source)


happy weekend

we made it back safe and sound from tulsa...had such a fantastic week visiting with friends and family. i have a few fun adventures to share when i get caught up. hope you all had a great week and have a super weekend!!



i can haz walk?

one of my favorites with roxy's little begging face :)


looking to the weekend

happy friday friends!! how are you today? do you have big plans for the weekend??

it's a beautiful day today in dallas...we dropped roxy at the groomers this morning so i can't wait to go pick her up and see her all beautified!

next week is stephen's spring break so we are taking a little trip to visit friends and family in tulsa.  i won't be blogging every day but i have some little surprises for you during the week.

i hope you all have a most wonderful weekend and an even better week next week!




an old photo of rox & stephen...they're cuddling and she looks fierce but is actually just yawning. 

i've had the prints from this film forever and just recently found the disks, so look out for some great new pics to come!


truthful tuesday - the return

did you watch? i did (of course)


i'm just so glad to have my gg fix again....



lately i've had too many thoughts to keep straight in my head.  i have lists and random nonsense scribbled everywhere from post it notes to old receipts in my purse.  i finally caved in. inspired by elizabeth and naomi's posts, i bought a journal.


so here i go, a new adventure.  maybe not the most exciting, but something i've never been able to do before...perhaps because i was never all that honest with myself. perhaps because i was afraid of what someone might think if they were exposed to my mind. perhaps because i'm just a little more boring than i pretend to be? well i guess we'll find out.

tell me, do you journal? is it like a deepest-darkest-secrets thing for you? or just thoughts and musings?

i'd love to know.



my list of ten happy things made it onto the rockstar diaries today!

go here and check it out :)

thanks naomi!

looks like spring

the sun is shining bright...i think it might get above 60 today! don't get me wrong, i do love the winter weather, but i'm also a big fan of having four whole seasons. i'm sure roxy is ready for some warmer weather - when it's cold and dreary i become a bad mom and don't walk her near as much.

so here are a few things i'm looking forward to this spring:
  • bike rides in the sun
  • farmer's market trips 
  • laying in the park with rox
  • breezy sundresses (maybe i need to rethink this...my legs are pasty...)
  • tulips! we planted some at winter and the bulbs are already coming up...hope they last a little while :)
what are you looking forward to this spring??

ps. your comments on the food quirks post cracked me up...i'm glad i'm not the only one with weird food habits!


truthful tuesday - food confessions

good morning, friends! i hope you are all well. i wanted to share a little tuesday confession with you and hope you enjoy...

i try to be healthy. i really do. eating right, exercising, the usual suspects. for instance, i had stephen buy me the sugarfree something or other vanilla ice cream. i figure i can still kind of indulge and not feel guilty, right? so last night, i put the ice cream on the counter, get out the scoop and my tea cup (smaller portions...see? healthy!) ...then i proceeded to melt nutella in the bottom of the cup, scoop the ice cream, and top off with crushed up girl scout cookies. i just couldn't help myself.

so, what kind of quirky food impulses do you have? i'd love to hear!