in bloom

this little beauty has opened up right outside our door...stephen and i planted a row on each side of the walkway and this is the only one that's showed up to the party so far! the others are coming slowly but surely...i think they were smart and waited until after the snow to come out of the ground.

hope you're having a lovely day :)

ps. i love to give personalities to random things...especially plants & flowers.


Mo said...

I saw tulips blooming on my walk home from the train yesterday. THere were also teeny tiny little buds on some of the bushes. It made me happier than I can express!!


"Oh hello there...you are smiling at me!"
(I talk to the flowers like that sometimes...)
~Great Spring Stephanie!

abigail said...

gorgeous! Ours popped up a week or so ago and made me so happy I squealed out loud and probably scared the neighbors.

alice's adventures said...

I'm glad he decided to wait until after your random snow storm! I have been buying daffodils every week for work & home... I am definitely planting some for next spring!!

wishful nals said...

that's beautiful! love it :)

SogniSorrisi said...

Gorgeous! Yay spring!

Anonymous said...

That's so funny you like to give personalities to inanimate things - I like to give pets and animals names of inanimate things, mostly food. Like Pickle. And Pepper. And Radish. And Waffle.