party on the bridge!

saturday was the big "margaret hunt hill bridge" opening celebration and it was the perfect opportunity to see the fabulous bridge in all it's glory while taking in some of dallas' local treasures.  i was volunteering with bcworkshop, a nonprofit architectural firm, interviewing attendees about their neighborhoods and communities within the city.  it was such an amazing thing to talk to all of these people and get their different perspectives of dallas, the bridge and how it will affect the city. one of my favorite quotes was from a boy about 8 years old who, when asked what could be done to improve his community, said "stop all the sagging!" ha! indeed. 

i also got to watch my friend and true talent, lauren adelle crowder perform. she was amazing and i was proud to watch her on that stage!

during my break, i enjoyed a scrumptious bbq grilled cheese sandwich from ruthie's rolling cafe food truck.

the bridge at night was incredible. when taking pictures all we could say was "wow it almost looks fake!" because of the contrast of the clear night sky on the bright white cables. truly an amazing structure.

stephen and i went back on sunday during the day to walk across the bridge again.  we really wanted to take advantage of this opportunity, since it will never be open to pedestrians once it is a fully open and functioning roadway.

it was really wonderful to be a part of history in dallas.  bravo, mr. calatrava, you did an amazing job creating a beautiful structure that will forever change the dallas skyline.

(all photos by me, on the ol' iphone)