all hallows eve

tomorrow we'll be heading to new orleans to celebrate halloween at the voodoo music experience - don't worry, roxy will be left in good hands (and she has a costume). i hope you all have a hauntingly good time this weekend! here are some magical images to keep with the spirit..


photos from we heart it.


special edition: walks with zoe

i got to dogsit a beautiful & loving weimaraner this weekend named zoe.  she is just so sweet and an easy-going dog.  while out for our walk on sunday, i came across a couple of odd things i thought i'd share! sorry for the lack in quality, but these are my handy dandy cell phone pictures.

a pumpkin in a tree:

and a bear keeping guard on a wall:

maybe he was found and someone placed him up there? or maybe that's just his spot...either way, he was too cute and so random.

can't wait to see what finds us on our next adventure.


the cute & lovable kind

roxy & i were on our walk just a few days ago and saw a fellow dogwalker down at the "park" near our home.  he had a super cute and rambunctious puppy.  she ran over to greet roxy (who was terrified at the puppy's size), and her owner followed shortly after to catch her.  naturally i asked what kind of dog she was and he responded "the cute and lovable kind!" she was a rescue dog, as is our beloved roxy, so her breed is estimated but unknown.  we run into this all the time with rox, as we never were able to pinpoint exactly what breed/mix she is.  so, from here on when people ask what kind she is, i shall respond "the cute and lovable kind!" (because, well, she absolutely is!)

hope you have a wonderful weekend!!



welcome to my new blog! just a place to document anything fun or interesting.  often times when i take our dog roxy for walks, i see cool, fun and pretty things.  sometimes these things happen when i'm not walking roxy (hence, the other fabulous adventures), and sometimes i just want to keep everyone in the loop.  so, hi! i hope you'll stay and read awhile. 

the pic above is one of my faves of roxy & my husband stephen.  it was taken on a calm, beautiful morning on lake texoma.  it just exudes peace, doesn't it? if i could figure out how to make that my header, i would...any tips are appreciated.