scenes from a spring walk

the skies were so blue yesterday! all of the colors are really popping right now with all of the flowers and all things spring. it was a lovely walk on a lovely day...and of course i had to include the flamingos, too funny.

have a bright and beautiful day!

ps. i did go take my diana pics to get developed, but apparently since they are in black and white they have to send them off and it takes 10 days!! TEN! wow. so i'll get back to you on those :)


Elizabeth said...

the flowers around here are just starting to open, I love that one week during spring where all the flora is just perfect. How'd you like your diana? I was just looking at the Diana Mini online, I like that you can use 35mm film (i think), I desperately want a lomo.

stephanie said...

well i couldn't honestly say since these are the first two rolls of film i'm getting developed. it's more of a learning process than i expected but i love using it! i can't wait to see if i'm doing it right...lol :)

alice's adventures said...

yay! my first roll of film didn't turn out, and i have never tried again. but i am thinking this weekend is the right time to bite the bullet :) glad to see spring has hit the south!


Glorious spring is here to stay!
LOL on the flamingos~ iconic garden accessory!

Bri said...

pretty pretty! the longer the wait the better! i love looking at my film after it's been awhile cause it lets me see it for what it is rather than what i expected. it's also more exciting =)