looks like spring

the sun is shining bright...i think it might get above 60 today! don't get me wrong, i do love the winter weather, but i'm also a big fan of having four whole seasons. i'm sure roxy is ready for some warmer weather - when it's cold and dreary i become a bad mom and don't walk her near as much.

so here are a few things i'm looking forward to this spring:
  • bike rides in the sun
  • farmer's market trips 
  • laying in the park with rox
  • breezy sundresses (maybe i need to rethink this...my legs are pasty...)
  • tulips! we planted some at winter and the bulbs are already coming up...hope they last a little while :)
what are you looking forward to this spring??

ps. your comments on the food quirks post cracked me up...i'm glad i'm not the only one with weird food habits!


The Neo-Traditionalist said...

Ohhh this post made me so happy! I may have to ask my readers the same thing! I'm looking forward to taking my pug puppy, Alfred, on long walks in the sunshine and ice cream and baseball games and...so much more! It's sunny here today for the first time in what feels likes weeks. Yippee! XO

MaryBeth Hughes said...

yay for spring! i'm looking forward to fliflops, walks around the lake and drinks on the patio.

Anonymous said...

gardening, gardening, gardening! it's all i can think about!

xoxoKrysten said...

I am SO SO looking forward to spring. Bring it on!!