oooh that smell!

i was going to make this my "truthful tuesday" post but obviously didn't get around to it yesterday. here it is, truthful tuesday on a wednesday.

as i told you briefly before, stephen built a new closet for me for our anniversary. we live in an old, old apartment and to say the closets are less than stellar would be a grand understatement. so when stephen ripped out my old closet and replaced it with a new, beautiful, functional closet, i was beyond happy. lately, when i am getting ready or just get out of the shower, i find myself lingering in the closet.  yesterday, i got home from the gym, cleaned up and went to my closet. i pulled out my little step-stool and sat right there in it, underneath all the clothes and next to all the shoes. now this isn't a lot of sitting space, but i just can't get over the smell. that smell of freshly cut wood, it's so calming to me. i love when i open the closet door and a whiff of that woody smell comes out.

this isn't the first time i've noticed how much i love that smell; last summer stephen built a staircase in our dining room for my uncle's dock, and even days after he picked it up you could still smell that wood. when we were first married, stephen worked construction and i really liked when he came home all sweaty and smelling like wood, maybe it's that memory that makes me love it even more. in short, i love being married to a carpenter - there is never a shortage of that freshly-cut wood smell! not to mention i love the idea of him being able to build me pretty much anything my little heart desires.

so, any quirky smells you love? maybe ones that provoke certain memories? i would love to hear :)

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Patricia Snook said...

Ooh how fabulous!! You've got such a pretty blog here, I've had a nose through your older posts, love it!

Strange smells.... my father's a massive concrete scientist, most of the roads you drive on will be made with his formulas, when I was little, he'd experiment in his workshop and give me a barbie bucket of my own mixes, I LOVE the smell of dried concrete powder as a result! If I go to a building yard, pffff you'll find me over at the bags of cement mix!



Patricia Snook said...

pssst.... you've also got a new follower :) have a fabulous week xoxo

alice's adventures said...

you are so cute! I can just see you tucked away in your woodsy closet. I need to visit, just for a sniff! (thanksgiving i hope!)

and you need to visit me and get a whiff of some serious ancient forests... i'm going to get serious about this now! 2011. you will not escape the pull of the Northwest :)

Connie @ SogniESorrisi said...

What a nice husband you have!

I like the smell of gas lol

Anonymous said...

not at all quirky! i too love the smell, and was ever so happy to study a major that allowed me to work with wood whenever I wanted!

Mo Pie, Please said...

I am SO right there with you on the smell of wood. The smell of the woods really gets me too - it's not quite the same but it's so fresh and natural. I want to jar it up and take it home as souvenir! I'm glad he builds you things. My brother is an electrician by day and a carpenter/tool man by night. My niece had a birthday party the other week and he seriously built her a catwalk for her sleepover fashion show party. How awesome is that?! Guys that can build things are grrrreat!

stephanie said...

patricia, that's so cool about your dad!!
alice yes you must come smell the closet :)

Anna Walker said...

I do love the smell of cedar wood! I also like the smell of cinnamon rolls, and sunscreen :) Oh the sunscreen!