a union reunion

so dear friends this is the weekend, it's my 10 year high school reunion (sigh). seems like just yesterday we were sneaking out of our parents' houses, dreading (and skipping) class and thinking that prom and graduation were the biggest, best times of our lives.

we decided not to do the full-on reunion, and instead our old "crew" is having a big pool party tomorrow! i'm excited to catch up with friends i haven't seen in ages and seeing what awesome grown-ups everyone has become. i look back on high school and see how much that time influenced my life to date - i'm definitely a far cry from the girl i was then...no regrets, but maybe some stuff i just care not to remember! ha! what was your life like in high school? do you think it influenced your life today very much?

so we're hitting the road this morning, tulsa bound, for the union high school class of 2000 reunion. should be a hoot! i'll keep you posted.  for now, i'll leave you with this little gem my friend daphne recently posted on facebook (she's on the far right):

this is from when our volleyball team did the ropes course at school - that's me in the red :) with my bff jenn right in front of me...it's funny, we're completely different people today, but have always been best friends, i love how that hasn't changed.

you guys have a super weekend!!



My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

so cute...

have a wonderful time
can't wait to hear all about it

kary and teddy

Vic said...

Have loads of fun! I know I can't believe we've been out of school soooo long:) before we know it, it will be 20yr...ughhhh...enjoy it while it lasts:)

Anonymous said...

how fun! I don't think I'll go to my reunion when it comes around, I have no big interest in rubbing elbows with people I haven't seen in forever... I guess it's pessimistic, but I never particularly cared for high school!