with love all around

well we had such a fun trip to tulsa over the weekend! we got to catch up with friends & family, do my little reunion (very fun, and small so it was pressure-free :)) but the highlight came on saturday night when our friends kevin & melissa got engaged!! kevin invited everyone to mcnellie's (where melissa works) and told her that since she had to work all weekend, he brought the group to her.  he waited until she was ready to come take our orders and called her over to pop the question.  she was SO surprised!! both of their parents were there to experience this joyous occasion and as an added bonus, kevin had arranged for melissa to get off work immediately to celebrate - and the next morning for a little recovery! so here they are, in all their lovey-dovey glory:

what a couple of cuties, right? i couldn't be more happy for them, what a beautiful love they share.  oh! and you can watch the video of the whole thing:

you can just see the surprise in her face, i love it!! congrats mel & fuzz!!


Chelsea Talks Smack said...

oooooo sigh, this is SO SWEET!

Anonymous said...

Oh! Oh! I got goosebumps! How wonderful! Congrats to them (and what a good looking couple!)