snuggle muffin & weekend fun

this was my relaxing friday night...i caught up on email and reading blogs and my little cuddle bug was right there with me, just snuggling away :) i was also glued to my TV since i just added HBO on friday...and yes i did it so i could watch true blood this summer.

saturday i visited the dallas flea which was really a lot less of a "flea market" and more of an artist and specialty vendor sale. i did find a super cute vintage gold necklace i will have to show you later. sunday was wonderful since stephen was off work; we ventured over to the rusty taco (my new favorite taco place) and then to pinkberry, my first time at the one here in dallas. last night we went to a couples' shower for our friends mark and kylee - it was at the beautiful primos on the lake, complete with yummy frozen margaritas. i was so exhausted after all that, i was in bed by 9:30!

so friends, how was your weekend?

ps. i do have lots to tell you about our wonderful wakarusa trip and i am picking up my film today and should have photos to share with you soon!


APieceOfCrap said...

awee cute dog!

Our brand new blog, and our first. Take a peek.

best regards from Sweden

Dancing Branflake said...

I wish I had a dog to cuddle with. So sweet!

alice's adventures said...

Furry snuggle buddies are the best kind! I always have been perplexed by stories of flea markets, because I have never been able to really experience one. Crafty vendors, yes. Wildly cheap second hand thrifty bazaars? Maybe they are only in NY/LA where the fabulous bloggers roam!

stephanie said...

alice, one of my BEST flea market finds was at the one in tulsa, a true flea market. i got a way cute old-style polka-dot umbrella (complete with wooden handle) and led zeppelin II on vinyl. grand total? $ .50! (i talked him down from $1.50) that is correct. i think you need to go to small town fleas to get the good stuff ;)

Regan said...

Aw! Adorable photos!!! :) xoxo

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

such sweet moments captured Stephanie!
I adore flea markets as well~