wakarusa in film

there were so many great moments while we were at wakarusa; both musically and environmentally. here are a few of my favorite images i captured on film:

al al ingram of yo mama's big fat booty band - easily one of the best performances of the weekend

a kid shredding on his flying v in the campground

my friend dug with his awesome hat and my "festival fan" (seriously, it's the best kind of fan for concerts/festies)

and finally, my absolute favorite show of the weekend, the black keys

and there you have it, our little festival experience. there were so many amazing performances and such an invigorating vibe. albeit a bit smaller than the fests i'm used to, i think that's why it might have been a little less chaotic.

so do you enjoy music festivals? i would love to hear about your favorite one!


Mo Pie, Please said...

Those are really cute pictures - what kind of camera do you use?! I loved going to SXSW this year. So many good shows in unknown places. I also had a blast the year I went to Coachella ('06) even though I was working the beer tent. The Mr. doesn't like crowds and such so we haven't been to Pitchfork in a few years and I'm OK with that. Glad you had fun!

stephanie said...

thanks! i use a cannon AE-1, it was my dad's in the early 80s. :) i usually get just the kodak b/w 400 film for it. i was also at coachella 06!! what fun!

SMR said...

I am most looking forward to Latitude this year - always a lovely atmosphere and it's only 45 minutes away!
I'm jealous of your Black Keys experience - we've seen them twice in the UK and they were AWESOME both times. I'm looking forward to seeing The National, Mumford & Sons and Belle & Sebastian at Latitude, as well as Regina Spektor a few days later... xx

alice's adventures said...

Love the film images. the AE-1 is making the rounds on the bloggysphere. definitely in my mind to acquire something similar. My dad had a pentax, which I think my silly sister inherited, and not sure if it survived that folly.

wishful nals said...

i love music festivals! i've never heard of this one (i could be living under a rock), but it looks so fun! in mid july, we go to a fun blues festival in pennsylvania at a farm!

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

...nothing better than live performances~
great shots as well, Stephanie!

stephanie said...

hey nals, you're definitely not living under a rock...it's a fairly small fest(in comparison to the biggies) only about 18,000 people up on a mountain in arkansas! ha!