date knight

can you guess what we did last night?! stephen surprised me and took me to midieval times!! we had tickets i won in a silent auction about a year ago and i'd kind of forgotten, so stephen noticed they were about to expire and made reservations :) we had SO much fun!! we were on the yellow knight's team (see him below? he was also the most handsome knight, i must say). he didn't win, but i did get a flower from him!

after our midieval experience, we wandered over to the design district and saw a neat little restaurant called the meddlesome moth. we hopped in to have a drink and were very pleasantly surprised! they had a beautiful wall of taps (literally, beautifully designed, see the pic below) and from looking at their menu, great food! i can't wait to go back and try it out for lunch or dinner.

so that was our little date! here are some photos from the adventure:

see the taps? the wall behind it is covered with neatly placed quarters. i thought that was a really clever design idea!

hope you all have a lovely weekend!



alice's adventures said...

your hair is so long already! what a fun night, you guys are the cutest :)

stephanie said...

yeah i can't believe how long it's getting already! i'm surprised i've put up with the growing stage in the summer...grooooooow!!

the merriweather council said...

oh that looks like fun!!