holiday goodness

can you believe the holidays are literally around the corner?! this is definitely my most beloved time of year (really anytime between october and february...love it).  there are a few things that really get me in the holiday spirit:
  1. baking - i love to cook & bake anyway, but there's just something about baking when it's chilly outside (i say chilly cause lord knows what we have in texas can't really be considered cold...ha!)
  2. lights - at shopping centers, in neighborhoods, anywhere. there's just something so romantic about those little twinkle lights.
  3. holiday outfits - for christmas parties, dinner parties, even thanksgiving stretchy pants. i love it all!
  4. decorating - stephen probably is less enthusiastic about it than me, but i just can't help myself
  5. christmas music. (and yes, i've already started listening to it)
  6. roxy in sweaters - she actually likes wearing them because her little body gets so cold! we have a few really cute ones, and a couple of new ones...will show you those soon :)
i stumbled across some cute holiday items while "window shopping" online

mistletoe & bow hairclips from kate spade and mrs. klaus sweater from urban outfitters. how cute are these?!

oh i just love the stuff they come up with for the holidays.  what gets you in the spirit??


My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

Hi Stephanie....glad to hear you are listening to Christmas music too..I've had it on all morning..suppose to rain here tonight so I am making french onion soup a la Julia Child....the beloved...and I think I am going to string a few lights over the porch...I just can't help myself.....

Would love to see Roxy in her sweaters....

Have a great weekend before Thanksgiving....

more later,
kary and butterscotch

Elizabeth said...

At first I was like, "Hmm, why are their hearts on Mrs. Klaus' boobs?"

But then I got it :)