trampolines and videogames

well the bad news is, i forgot the film for my camera so there are no rad film photos as promised...sorry guys. however, i came across two fantabulous videos from two of the most amazing performances of the day (on friday).

here are phish on trampolines during "you enjoy myself"

and here are the strokes with their rad old-school video game background during "someday"

so there it is, two of the many highlights to the acl experience. this was my first time to this particular festival and i noticed two things: flags were abundant - i've seen this plenty at other fests but not nearly as prominent as it was here; and CHAIRS everywhere...people roping off entire sections of lawn chairs and everything, it took it to another level right past comfort and into highly annoying. i mean seriously, who sits all day at a festival?! maybe it's just me but festies are meant for roaming and dancing and enjoying every minute. oh well, more room to roam for me :)

hope you all had a fabulous weekend! let's conquer the week, ok?


Meg said...

Amazing!! So jealous!

Vic said...

ahhhhhh......that sucks when you can't take pics...o'well:) that new header looks fab!