...and a real snow day

another storm blew through last thursday night that called for "a dusting up to 1" of snow" and holy moly i wonder what measuring tools they're using!

all in all we got about 5" of pretty, fluffy snow...on top of sheets of ice so it was fun but a bit yikes if you know what i mean! by saturday night the snow had melted substantially and by sunday it was pretty much all gone (from our area, anyway). we watched the big game with some friends and enjoyed the last day of what seemed like an extra long weekend after all those days off!

did you all have a good weekend?? are you freezing still wherever you are?!

oh and ps. what's with all the violence and throwing stuff at people in all the super bowl commercials?! i swear there had to be at least 5 commercials with people throwing stuff at each other!

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