rainy day music

it's bleak and rainy outside...but i must confess that i do enjoy a rainy day (though i wish i could be at home cuddling on the couch to enjoy it ;)).  there are just some songs that are best listened to on rainy days...here are some of mine:
 what about you? what kind of music do you listen to on a rainy day? 



Mo Pie, Please said...

What a great list! I love rainy day music - I think Radiohead and Ryan Adams always work on these kinds of days, for sure.

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

I adore classic Stan Getz!
Steph, I was in Dallas airport recently...
Wow, your city is huge & the land is so flat!
I din't see any hills at all?

stephanie said...

haha it is SUPER flat here for the most part! but if you get down into the central/southwest texas area, that's the "hill country" and it's pretty beautiful :) oh and were you in the DFW airport?? i loathe that place, it's just too crazy for me! glad you made it through ok haha ;)

Elizabeth Saucier said...

It's pouring here today so I'm really enjoying this music! Thanks!

Laura said...

Great playlist! I definitely would share in your Wilco-listening on a rainy day (or really on any day!). I'd probably add in a little bit of Iron & Wine or Ray LaMontagne - quiet, folk-infused songs to match the quiet and calm of the rain but not the dreary sadness of it!