sweater day

well it's technically another "snow day" here in dallas, but really it's an "ice day," so in our house that means sweater day :)

we have been off work/school since tuesday when the weather was blowing in and it's passed now but we are left with highs barely reaching 20 today and streets covered in sheets of ice, so we're off again today.  and in case you didn't know, the super bowl is in town this week so it's already mayhem and the weather is just adding to all the craziness.

i hope wherever you all are you are warm and safe and cozy :)

oh! and thank you thank you all for your sweet comments about bowie.  we are truly blessed and fortunate to have our little miracle dog and his loving big sis!!



Mo Pie, Please said...

Ok, this weather stuff is just out of hand. Old man winter is really roaring this year, right? Ice and 20 degrees in Dallas? I mean, WHAT? It's 11 here with a windchill of -10. So not cool. Not to mention that is on top of the 21 inches of snow we got. My husband left for work this morning and promptly came back because the CTA wasn't running properly and people were having to wait outside of the station for 45 min to an hour. He just left about 30 minutes ago and didn't come back so I'm assuming he's made his way on a train. So rough.

In other news though, that blanket is pretty beautiful. Did you make it?

stephanie said...

that is so insane!! gosh i mean i even love winter but this is really too crazy, i can't even imagine how it is where you guys are!

and thank you, i LOVE that blanket...my peepaw's widow (kind of like a grandma, but ya know) made it for us for our wedding :)

Mo Pie, Please said...

I have it bookmarked as knitting inspiration! How sweet that she made it for you.