love for roxy

well friends i hoped that our story would change and i could come to you with a wonderful survival story like we did with bowie, but that is just not the case today.

a few weeks ago, we took roxy to the vet when she was in a lot of pain. after multiple visits we found out that she has a calcified disk in her back.  she was ordered to 2 weeks confinement and mandatory bed rest. today her condition seemed to be worsening so we took her back in and are now looking to see a neurological specialist, as the disk seems to be putting pressure on her spinal cord and she is starting to lose function of one of her hind legs. this can be an early sign of paralysis and she has moved from a "medical case" to a possible "surgical case." even though disk problems are somewhat common in some dachshunds and small wire-haired terriers, since she is only 5 years old, this is a cause for more worry.

if she stays the same, we see the specialist on thursday to find out what our next steps are. in the mean time, any love, prayers, kind thoughts or words are much appreciated. she is our baby and it just kills us to see her in such pain.

roxy got a surprise last week from her friend johanne, our close friends' cat whom she loves and has play dates with, it was a first class letter with get well wishes and lots of love. that's her reading it above :) oh the things we do for our little furry children...

thanks for listening! i will keep you all posted on her progress :)

much love xoxo


alice's adventures said...

oh my dear! what an affliction for such a young lady. i feel your pain, and hope roxy feels better soon!

Mo Pie, Please said...

I'm so sorry to hear this news. Poor Roxy, it breaks my heart! Hopefully it all gets figured out and things look up for her. She's so young, it's not fair to have to deal with things like that. I'll be thinking about you guys!

Anonymous said...

so sorry to hear about your roxy. :( hope she can heal and get better soon.

Sarah said...

This is so sad! I hope she is ok!