record store day

tomorrow is one of my favorite "holidays" - record store day! this is the day to go out and support music at your local record store. many independent record stores all around the world will be celebrating with parties, live music and special RSD releases from multiple amazing artists. to find out what's happening near you, visit the record store day website.

if you're in the dallas area, i am volunteering at good records' 11th anniversary + record store day celebration (come say hi!). the store will be open starting at 8 am and there is a full lineup of bands and dj's from 11 am to midnight along with giveaways and an awesome jukebox raffle.

"i think it’s high time the mentors, big brothers, big sisters, parents, guardians, and neighborhood ne’er do wells, start taking younger people that look up to them to a real record store and show them what an important part of life music really is."
- jack white

hey, if jack white says so, who are we to argue?! so get out to your local record store and support music!! trust me, it will be awesome.


Mo Pie, Please said...

Yea! Have fun tomorrow, sounds like you will without a doubt. Stores here are going to be a zoo, but maybe I can convince my "very afraid of crowded places" husband to go to Logan Hardware down the street and purchase some records he's been wanting to purchase anyway.

alice's adventures said...

fun! i am actually participating, one of my friends is a regular yogi student of mine now, and we are doing a meditation workshop, then heading over to a music store party, then back to another yoga class i am teaching! woo hoo! fun saturday. i love the fact that even though i am not a music fanatic, i surround myself with those who are, and i get to have tons of musical fun!