recovery & coming home

well friends here is a little update on roxy. thursday when we went to see the neurologist, they ran tests and decided that surgery would be the best option and we had to act swiftly, as she was losing much function of her hind legs.  thursday afternoon roxy went into surgery to have the calcified disc removed and cut away from the spine. while it was nerve-wracking and scary, i believe she was in the most capable and compassionate hands. 

the doctors, technicians, and staff called us with updates around the clock.  on friday afternoon i got to see her for the first time post-surgery.  she was groggy from pain meds and it was quite shocking to see the incision with all of the staples in her back. saturday morning we went back to visit and she was much more alert and mobile.  the doctor says that she is recovering exceptionally well and is very pleased with her progress thus far.  this morning they called and said i can come take her home this afternoon!! i cannot wait to have her home for full recovery and many, many (extra gentle) snuggles.

since keeping roxy quiet and calm is key in her recovery, we will be letting bowie go stay with a friend for a little bit.  while it's hard to not have him at home with us, he will have much fun romping around in a back yard with some new doggy friends.

thank you all for the kind words, prayers and love.  i will continue to keep you updated on her progress!!



Mo Pie, Please said...

I'm so happy to hear she's doing better! What a relief! Here's to a quick and easy recovery!

jenny said...

oh.... soooo good to hear that little ones is on the up and up. precious pup!!!

nadia said...

Oh wow. I'm so happy to hear she is doing better and is at home with you.
Wishing her a fast and easy recovery :)

xo Nadia