spring rejuvenation

good morning lovelies!! how was your weekend? hopefully fun and relaxing :) i got to spend time with a dear friend, take our little ones to the dog park (bowie is a RIOT at the dog park, pure entertainment...), and listen to some fun music on a beautiful patio while eating delicious food and catching up with old friends. all in all, i'd say it was a success!

it's officially spring, a time of renewal and rebirth...so what do you say we shed some winter skin? maybe it's feelings you've been harboring, something in your life you're ready to leave behind, maybe it's just changing our winter coats out for sun dresses and sandals, or maybe it's a completely new leaf you're turning. today, i'm going to let go of things i can't control and leave it up to the universe. i feel relieved and rejuvenated already!

happy spring everyone :)


(photo of beautiful tulips at home, taken with the instagram app...i'm obsessed!)

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fashiONözge said...

happy spring:))love your blog and gonna follow:)