silence for japan

there is no way to express the sadness i feel for japan...any words i can come up with just don't seem to do the trick...there is also no way to fully understand what they are going through, but i will try to do my best. there are many ways to and show your support for japan, firstly going to www.forjapanwithlove.com 

in addition to monetary support, i will also be participating in the bloggers day of silence tomorrow, march 18th. hey, every little thing helps, right?? please consider taking the time to participate, and if you have the means, make a donation through for japan with lovethe red cross or save the children. (i'm sure there are many more, if you have any suggestions please comment and leave a link)

and to make sure our donations get to the people who need it, sign the petition to stop the delay of donations going to japan.

thanks to meagan for posting so i could participate!!

thanks so much my lovely friends!

have a safe, wonderful weekend



My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

thank you for posting this....

hope this letter finds you and your doggys well, my friend

sending love,
kary and teddy

Lorena :: Travel Designery said...

i just put this one up also...i pray for them

and u have a new header, nice! who's the little yorkie on the right?

(thank you for coming by my page before, i really appreciate the support! say hello to little roxy, lol)

Heart Charlie said...

This sounds lovely! My prayers go out to the people of Japan

stephanie j said...

hi lorena, the little blonde scruffy one is bowie, he is our newest addition!