blue christmas

well, not really...but factor in my blue tights, roxy's blue sweater, and the christmas trees (complete with hanging snowflakes!) and you get the title :)

i cannot wait to clean our apartment and decorate the living daylights out of it with chrismas cheer! it's been dismal at home since we got back from colorado since stephen has a million final project things to work on and there's no time to tidy up and make our home a little bit more joyful...so i'm taking time tomorrow for a decorating day! what about you, have you/do you plan to decorate? or is your house all cozy with winter wonderfulness? ahhhh i'm longing to be back in the snow and out of this 60+ degree december in texas...but pretend snowflakes will have to suffice for now!

hope you all have a fabulously awesome weekend



Vic said...

Cute! I love the blue tights...and of course roxy! wishing you a happy weekend:) can't wait to see the decor! xoxo

Anna Walker said...

Wow! Your blue tights are awesome! And dogs in sweaters?
So so so much fun!