it hasn't snowed a single flurry, but santa dear we're in a hurry

just a few pics of the decor...starting with our little tree
1. the tree (which we put on a table to make it seem bigger)
2. the beautiful antique gold ornaments from my great aunt
3. my first ornaments i bought when stephen & i got married were 6 of these beautiful red balls
4. roxy all tuckered out after a hard day of cleaning & decorating.  (doggie pj's from target)


Mo Pie, Please said...

Such cute pj's! We put our tree up and it's beautiful but takes up the entire living room practically! All of my ornaments this year are from either the dollar bin at Target or I got them 50% off last year after Christmas. They're glittery which is different for me but I love them!

Connie @ Sogni e Sorrisi said...

Aww so festive! It's snowing here.

Anna Walker said...

I love all the pictures! :)
SO festive!
Ah it's not going to snow in LA, but hopefully I will be able to go up to the snow! :)

Vic said...

stunnnnnning:) i love the red
! so very pretty~

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

love your decoraions...and little sweet roxy looks so cute....

happy to visit here today

sending love,
kary and teddy

alice's adventures said...

i love roxy's pjs!! i have no idea when we are going to get out and find our tree, but there is a farm up here near the city and the owner brews his own beer! and the wife teaches yoga! sounds like trav and me in 20 years :) i have absolutely no christmas ornaments... i meant to start taking some from mom & dad at thanksgiving but completely forgot! oh well. dollar bins, here i come!

stephanie said...

thanks y'all! i'm proud of our little tree :)

alice, this year we did my little fake tree cause we don't have time to go get a real one :( ($10 special at big lots in 2004 lol) and that couple totally sounds like you guys! let me know when trav starts brewing beer...mmmmmm

also...i don't know if roxy likes her pj's as much as i do...oh well :)

Jenni said...

Beautiful!! I just adore seeing other people's Christmas decor. And it's funny, I almost got my dogs that same shirt!! But they got argyle sweaters instead. Ha!!

Great blog!!