in colorado we...

 rode in a two horse open sleigh

 made snow angels

 skied with the fam

 robbed a bank...kidding! we rode in a gondola

hung out with honest abe

and marveled in nature's beauty.
also, not pictured above, we: 
  • drank loads of hot chocolate (with various delicious liqueurs)
  • watched a shameful amount of football
  • got lost on what we dubbed "the trail of tears" (while we were skiing, if that tells you anything)
  • watched my nieces in the cutest of cute ski lessons
  • missed roxy to pieces (how could we not?!)
so that's that! we had such an amazing time in steamboat...probably my favorite trip to the mountains ever. a lot of family bonding, eating too much, and pushing our physical limits too far :) who could ask for more?! 


Bianca said...

all of the above looks like good times.

Connie @ SogniESorrisi said...

Looks so fun even if that is a bit more snow than I like :)