friday love

today we left home a smidge early so stephen could make it to his 9 am class and we got to stop for a little treat on the way! now this really is a delight, as we hardly ever stop at starbucks (or any little coffee shop, for that matter) and indulge. this particular location has the nicest folks working there (lemmon & knight, if you're in dallas!),  and when the barista took our orders with our names he stopped and gave a smile and gave a "how cute!"

i mean, it is pretty cute! for me, when people comment on the "stephen & stephanie" thing, it really never gets old. and i just loved that he spelled both of them out, which almost never happens, and got stephen's right with the p-h...as it should be :) i just had to snap a pic. so there it is, your daily dose of love and cuteness (can you tell i really get a kick out of it? a complete goober, i am aware).

any exciting plans for the weekend? i have a birthday celebration to attend this evening then it's relax, relax, relax for me!

i hope you all have a fantastic friday and a lovely weekend!!



Mo Pie, Please said...

Aww, that is adorable! Have a great weekend!

amanda leeann said...

so cute!

i sat outside of a starbucks for a couple hours yesterday & read a book - it was delightful :)

Anonymous said...

Hehehehhehee, I got a huge heart tickle with this.... Cause, you know, not that long ago I didn't even know you were married