mr. & mrs. sookie stackhouse & co.

where was i when anna paquin & stephen moyer got married?? anyway, congrats to the happy couple! here they are, both wearing mcqueen, looking so sublime on the emmy red carpet:

and while bill & sookie are my favorite on and off screen couple, few hold a candle to my beloved lafayette (nelson ellis), my favorite tv character, possibly of all time. here he is looking so fly on the red carpet (loving the hat, la la!):

and can we pause for a moment and really enjoy the hottness that is jason stackhouse? i mean...swoon! he makes that passe double-breasted look thing really work for him.

and speaking of red hot, miss tara (rutina wesley) is stunning in a hand-painted douglas annette dress and is really working that up-to-there slit!

and last but certainly not least, is there anyplace else you would rather be than stuck between these two? i think not!

all photos from www.trueblood-news.com

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Celina said...

don't know where i was when you posted this but i WHOLE-HEARTEDLY agree with ALL of your above captions/comments. SWOOOOON. <3