back to school

well stephen starts school with his first class tonight...i'm excited and nervous for what this semester will bring! i'm glad we took advantage of having so much time this summer to spend together, because now has 3 night classes this semester, not to mention working in the restaurant biz, which means nights and weekends as well. i might not get to see him....well, ever. so i'll put on my "supportive wife" hat and deal with his absence by working and possibly baking myself into a sweet coma. lots of luck to my love on his fall adventure xoxoxo

(oh and lots of luck to any of you who may be starting school, and especially the moms sending their little ones off to a brand new adventure!)



Anna Walker said...

I love school :) thanks for the luck! I wish Stephen luck too! I am sure he will have fun, but obvious be super busy! :) have fun baking yourself into a coma:)

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

so cute...wishing Stephen GOOD LUCK too

i always loved going back to school in the FALL !!!!

sending love today,
kary and teddy