photobooth silliness

stephen and i went to a wonderful wedding this weekend - it was a lovely catholic ceremony with a spectacular reception at dallas' historic adolphus hotel. it seemed no expense was spared, not even for the 6-tier groom's cake (you read that right, 6 tiers, for the groom's cake!) or the gorgeous hydrangea centerpieces with blue beta fish swimming around in the vases. it was quite grand and beautiful, all around. when we saw there was a photo booth, we were all over it! i love this little trend of photo booth pics at the wedding. we did the photos, and each printed out 2 sheets: one for you to take home, and one for you to stick in their book and sign by. way cute!

here are mine and stephen's photos: 

fun huh?! it had the little wedding signature on the bottom but for some reason my scanner wasn't having it so here it is without. congrats to mr. and mrs. laurenzi (mark & kylee...or marlee as we like to call them :)) it was a wonderful night and i expect a full, happy life to follow!


Vic said...

way fun! i love weddings:) how cute are u two

Anna Walker said...

Awwww cute :) I am glad you had fun at the wedding!

Ashley said...

Cute photos--you two look great! Such a fun idea for a guest book.

Mo Pie, Please said...

Yep, photobooths at weddings are the biggest success since...well, I don't know. Everyone loved ours and the coolest part about it is that we have a coffee table book being shipped to us as I type this of all the photos everyone took!

Connie @ SogniESorrisi said...

What great pics! The last wedding we went to also had a photo booth but there was always a long line so we didn't end up doing it. I really, really hate lines lol

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

a keeper for sure!!