weekend blooms...and food!

some more of our flowers popped up over the weekend and they look beautiful!

on saturday, stephen and i took advantage of the awesome weather and headed down to the farmer's market. like the goofball i am, i forgot that my camera battery was dead and didn't get any pics from the market. however, i snapped this one of the delicious blueberries we picked up.

we also found a fantastic little butcher shoppe there that had cheeses from the mozzarella co. here in dallas and we got a mozzarella roll with sun dried tomatoes - i can't wait to try it! after stephen took off to work (-1 for the restaurant biz), i enjoyed a nice lunch with the girls - complete with a little shopping, of course.

on sunday i had a most delicious brunch at vickery park with my lovely friend kari. i swear, they put some kind of voodoo magic in their migas because they have got to be one of my favorite brunch items in all of the big D (second only to the eggs benedict with crab meat at taverna...absolute bliss).  after stuffing myself silly and then napping with roxy, i managed to put away all of my winter clothes and get everything out in preparation of summer! i literally is just around the corner...where does the time go?

so how was your weekend?? do anything fun? i'd love to hear!



Vic said...

Ooooohhh soooo pretty! I love flowers! And I'm always snapping photos of them:) Goood Ones!:)

alice's adventures said...

I can never resist eggs benedict, esp with the Wild Salmon and capers they throw on them up here!

Yum blueberries! We don't have many fruits up at our markets yet, just apples/pears. I can't wait for those first berries to start showing up! Its been pretty chilly up here recently, still waiting on spring to warm us up :) But all this rain means awesome snow! Travis and I XC skied, so I am super sore today.

Lots of fireplace snuggles too. And some movies... Hurt Locker then Men who Stare at Goats. odd combo but hilarious!

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

Hi Stephanie and Roxy...

I can't wait to show you pictures of baby Teddy when we get him...barely hanging on over here waiting for him...gosh it is so quiet here without my sweet Buddy...horrible and lonely...so sad....

thanks for visiting me...always good to see you.


brlracincwgrl said...

Pretty flowers! Glad to hear you had such a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

ooo, i think our farmers markets started up this past weekend - so excited to start getting fresh produce and eggs!

Bri said...

your weekend sounded splendid! i can't wait to spend endless hours at the farmers market, browsing beautiful flowers and fresh produce.


Those bulb flowers are smiling at us!!
~Glorious season! Me too, luv farmers markets~