happy birthday roxy!!

so, i'm a bad dog-mom and forgot to tell you about roxy's birthday! it was last weekend...she is 4 now! i took her for a ride to the pet shop and got her a new collar and some of her most favorite treats. we went for a big walk and spent the afternoon lounging in the grass, her favorite thing to do (next to cuddling, of course).

so here she is, in all of her new collar glory :)

(nevermind that she's not looking at me...i was trying to make her wear bunny ears and she wasn't having it)

have a super day!

ps. thanks for your sweet comments yesterday, you truly lifted my spirits.


heart charlie said...

Awwww! Roxy looks fabulous in her new collar ;) Look at that cute little face!!!

Slumber Designs said...

Awww... I think I have puppy love! How adorable!!

Vic said...

So so cute! I told my girls we're naming our puppy Roxy! I love that name but don't want to be a copy cat now that I've found someone with the same dog name! Happy b-Day:)

SogniSorrisi said...

Happy Birthday to Roxy!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to Roxy!

abigail said...

oh she's so cute! happy birthday!