soak it up


it's a cold and rainy day here; it was very hard to pry myself out of bed.  but hey, it's friday right??  seems like a perfect night to relax at home and snuggle with roxy...maybe finally work on those buttons i thought i would do last weekend. hopefully tomorrow will bring some sunshine for the endless errands i have to run, and then an evening catching up with a lovely friend (complete with delicious wine and food, of course!).

in the mean time

these aprons are beyond cute and make me wish i did more baking!
these are the perfect chairs, so fun and beautiful
valentine's day is coming up, do you need any adorable cards? (one with a bicycle!)
loving the decade-driven styles from urban and anthro
can't get enough of the beach house album (thanks to alice's awesome musical taste)
what a fun typography tattoo  
elizabeth made some gorgeous dresses, then told us how to do it!

*photo from our snow day (i wish it were snowing today)

oh, and does anyone watch project runway? is it me, or did that team challenge bring out the absolute WORST in everyone?! i mean the designs were fine, but they (all) were really not nice working together. that said, i'm glad that ping was cut, but i really thought emilio & anna's designs were tops. 

enjoy your weekend, soak it up!!



My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

Hey you 2....cute post..off to check out the aprons...

stay dry.....

kary and buddy

juliewood said...

I want some snow! luuuuuucky!