well it snowed today in dallas, if only for a minute.  it was gorgeous and fun while it lasted but that wasn't very long at all. if you're not from or familiar with the region, you should know it hardly ever snows here, and when it does it's usually some wintry mix mess of a storm (which makes for fun commuting, considering everyone panics at the thought of ice).  today was different, there were big, fat snowflakes and it seemed like the ground would be covered at any moment. alas, it has been much to warm here for snow or ice to stick to anything.  so as i type this, it is already sunshiny outside and merely looks like we had a little drizzle this morning. however, i came across the cutest picture on twitter from dallas morning news.

how cute is he?! roxy wouldn't step a paw out in that mess, but this little basset is apparently much braver. hope you all are having a cozy day.



the NEO-traditionalist said...

Awww I used to have a basset! I think my current dog (a pug pup) will be quite afraid of the snow when it arrives---we shall see. How fun to have snow out there though! Enjoy it while it lasts.
XX Kate

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

well, I am going to say he is just about the CUTEST thing I ever saw.....I LOVE basset hounds..always wanted to have one...bet they are more low key then a toy poodle..Oh, Butterscotch can be a handful at times...and he's 14 ! ...and blind ! but we sure love our little man..

thanks for sharing this....

more later,
Kary and Buddy

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous, I miss the snow! It's supposed to snow here a tiny bit on Saturday so fingers crossed it'll actually stick!