forgetful friday

sometimes i forget where i put my camera cord, by sometimes i mean at least once a week. i also sometimes forget to go pick up my pictures when i'm using my film camera. let's not get into the long, long list of things i forget (including, but not limited to, keys, cell phone, and extremely important cooking ingredients). just a little flighty i guess! maybe i'll remember to look this weekend so i can show you all my great new pics!

in the meantime, here's some love from around the web

joanna is starting her 2009 gift guide today - so excited!
this set on flickr makes me feel all warm and cozy
i'm adding this shirt and these tights to my wish list today...too cute for their own good
dailycandy is dropping dallas, this makes me very, very sad.
now this looks like my kind of camping
one of my favorite dj's remixed my favorite song of the moment - just amazing! (see the original song/video here)

(photo found at we heart it)

have a wonderful weekend!!

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

Love that red coat. All my coats are red except one. That's a problem.

And I wish I used film more often. Everything I have is digital. There are no photo albums to take out and be excited over anymore.