the hunt for the (almost) perfect tree

for the first time since moving to the big d, we decided to get a real tree this year for christmas.  so stephen and i braved the streets of dallas to hunt for the perfect christmas tree, or something like it. we found this little guy (ok he's not really little, but was definitely bigger than our ol' reliable 3 foot fake tree!)

i was in love, can you tell?

and we managed to fit him inside our car!!

now, that was an adventure!

we've got him all set up and decorated, but i don't have any good pics yet so i'll have to post them later.

do you get a real tree? have you started decorating?? i just LOVE the holidays.


country girl said...

You found one! Nice. Now I'm looking forward to seeing it all decked out. :)
I came accross your blog through My Farmhouse Kitchen...and your profile sounds like it could be me! I also live with the love of my life, and our little cavalier king charles spaniel Kiki. We take lots of adventurous walks in the countryside....too bad you are so far away, I'll bet Roxy and Kiki would like eachother!
Will be sure to stop by once in a while...
country girl

stephanie said...

hi country girl, thanks so much for stopping by! yes i bet roxy & kiki would have a grand time together :) can't wait to check out your blog! xo