hello? is it me you're looking for?

sorry i've been away...it's not you, it's me. honestly i've been meaning to write for weeks but every time i get a spare minute, in a blink it's gone again! i could give you all the excuses but would rather not bore you with that and just jump back in, if it's all the same to you!

also, i haven't had a bit of time to be reading any of the lovely blogs i follow, so i hope you're all doing well...and i hope to be catching up with all of you soon.

ok let's recap what's happened since i was last here:

  • the brutal, 7th circle of hell summer ended in dallas, and fall kind of began
  • i entered into my last year of my 20's 
  • halloween in dallas including zombies

  • i had surgery on my hand, that was fun! (also on halloween)

  • thanksgiving in tulsa
  • stephen graduated!!!
(pause for applause)
  • christmas in houston
  • a fabulous trip to boston (which i will recap fully for you...hey, you deserve at least that!)
  • happy new year!
and now we're here...

thanks for bearing with me. i hope you'll stick around...as i know i have more to say, and have an idea of how i want to say it.

oh and roxy and bowie say HI!


Meagan :: Mo Pie, Please said...

Why did you have to have surgery on your hand? That sounds kind of intense! At least you looked cute while doing so :)

Glad to know all has been well! I've missed you! But completely understand that life takes priority.

Welcome back!

stephanie j said...

hi meagan! well what i thought was a cyst in the palm of my hand actually turned out to be a pesky little tumor - not harmful but just painful, so i had it removed. i got to look like i was waving or had a question for about 6 days and now have a neat little scar :)