world war ii memorial

my friend and i wondered over to the national mall last tuesday in dc so we could see the beautiful monuments & memorials at night. i had never seen the ww ii memorial and it was a touching, beautiful tribute to those heroes and our allies.

i found it particularly poignant and tender to see the sweet note from a child to one of our soldiers currently at war (bottom left).  the field of 4,000 stars (bottom right) honors more than 400,000 lives lost during the war - it was absolutely breathtaking, especially with the reflecting pool below.

such a wonderful experience to see this. 
i'd like to dedicate this post to my peepaw and grandpa who both fought in the war, and died before this memorial was ever built. i visited for you both, you would have been so honored!


Vic said...

aw. this is such a great experience and what a special way to dedicate to these awesome men and women. xo

Anna Walker said...

Aw wow! That is so lovely that you went and visited! I'm all teary now reading this! That letter is so sweet! ♥


Bridget said...

looove DC. love all the history tributes. did you go to arlington nat'l cemetery??? amazing place too!

xoxo, dania said...

that looks like such a great experience! your grandpa's would be so proud of you! :)