gone roo'ing

well it's finally here, my vacation!! we are heading out today for bonnaroo music festival.  while it kind of sneaked up on us (hello, where did may go?!), we spent the past few days getting everything together for our 4+ day camping and music excursion.

i can't wait to sit in the grass, meet new friends, listen to great music, and eat some delicious food (they are having a food truck oasis this year!!).  just relaxing, miles away from reality....

so i hope you all have a fabulous rest of your week and weekend...i was so caught off guard that i didn't get to prepare anything fun for you....sorry! but i will be sure to recount everything (well mostly everything ;)) when we return.

see you after the farm!

(photo of the bonnaroo ferris wheel from here)


Vic said...

sounds like a really good time:) i'm like, wow where the hell are the months going too! going by way too fast....enjoy---take lots of pics:)

nadia said...

Hope you are having a great time!

xo Nadia