best bonnaroo moments

well friends, we made it back...safe and sound, all in one piece! bonnaroo was tons of fun.  we met some great new friends and got to hang out with some long-time besties. while i could go on and on about all the great moments, i will narrow it down to 10, not in any order, but just 10 amazing moments :)

1. best show of the weekend - arcade fire, hands down (watch this video for the magic)
2. best artist outfit surprise - jim james of my morning jacket in furry white boots...
3. best late night show + best crowd - scissor sisters
4. most surprising guest on stage - kareem abdul jabbar with bootsy collins....i mean, really?!
5. funniest moment in a crowd - the guy who was enjoying his first funnel cake and asked me no less than 3 times "have you ever had a funnel cake?! do you want to try some???"
6. weirdest moment - string cheese incident, late night on saturday, there was a guy with a jet pack, a guy suspended from huge balloons and a gigantic t-rex...and a visit from the sexy sax man
7. song i never thought i'd see live - string cheese incident, sirens (i love that song.)
8. craziest moment at camp - sunday, bashing our neighbor's van with a crow bar...they asked us to!
9. magical musical moment from camp - waking up from a nap to hear buffalo springfield belting out "keep on rocking in the free world"
10. 3 words: food truck oasis.

in short, everything was amazing. something about being miles away from any kind of reality, bonding with thousands of strangers over beautiful music...it's just wonderful.

and that's a wrap :)


vic said...

ohhhh GOOD times my friend....what a blast:)i wish i could have gone...pooor me! lol

Mo Pie, Please said...

Whoa, sounds like you had a delightful time! My friend Jake went (he does press and a lot of his bands were playing) and met Kareem Abdul Jabaar as well as Aziz Ansari, Matt Pinfield and Ron Jeremy. Totally crazy.