where did the week go?

kinda flew by, didn't it?? my mom came in town yesterday so i took the day off to spend with her.  i had to share this photo of the display inside barney's at northpark.

i'm a big daft punk fan so i found it extra entertaining, and especially love the crowdsurfing guy and his cool plaid tie. i love to go in there even though i can't afford anything because they always have the coolest displays!

anyhoo mom and i had a great day shopping and eating and catching up...i truly cherish these moments we get to spend together :)

i hope your week was fabulous and you have a great weekend!!



Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

Barney's display is always so witty!
crowdsurfing mannequins~ would grab my attention for sure!!


wishful nals said...

so fun. i cherish time with my mom, too! hope you had a great weekend. :)

Vic said...

that is a pretty neat display:) glad you shared moments with your mama! makes me miss mine more and more...I hate being so far this time of year...stinks! xoxo