a very dallas weekend

did everyone have a good weekend? i had quite the fun weekend and feel very 'dallas' today...on friday night we had our girls' night at the mavs game (we beat the suns, woo hoo!) that's us with our reindeer antlers :)

then on saturday some friends came in town from las vegas, we ate at the Y.O. ranch steakhouse, which was so delicious (highly recommend the sea bass, yum!!). on our way out, while passing the neiman marcus downtown, we saw an insane amount of santa clauses. come to find out it was the dallas santacon! here's a photo of the scene we saw, found on their flickr account.

it was hilarious and crazy, i've never seen so many santas!!

after our fun night out at cameo, stephen and i got to go with our friends to the cowboys game! it was our first time to see them play and they beat the redskins so a good time was had by all. however, i felt like a little bit of a traitor cheering for the 'boys since i'm such a huge saints fan...and my saints lost...oh my. here is a view from our awesome seats:

so that was our dallas whirlwind adventure weekend :) kinda made me fall in love with this city all over again...

looking forward to an easy week at work and CHRISTMAS this weekend!! eeeeeep!


Mo Pie, Please said...

Looks like you had a great weekend for sure! A very sporty weekend :) Those are some great seats at the Cowboys game. We went to a Bears game once, pre-season because that's all any working person can afford. I bought my tix from a lawyer who has season tix so they were really great seats. So fun!

stephanie said...

oh yes, the cowboys tickets are OUTRAGEOUS, not to mention parking is like $60! luckily our friends were very generous by giving us the tickets, and my savvy husband found us parking for $10 and got a cab ride to the stadium for $5! ha, take that overpriced parking!

AbbieBabble said...

What fantastic headgear you've got going on in the first picture- I love it!